Drinking fountain of universal accessibility for Smart Cities. Streamline and customize services to citizens by allowing adequate access to free information through Mixed Reality, Hololens. It will be a key point in the future, where my proposal of design Smart Fountain wants to be present between new technologies and the service for users. I would like to search a partner for make a technical development, up to prototype and production management and present the idea at Microsoft Hololens to study their viability


Project selected in the fifth call of the accelerator of projects with a high potential to the Madrid City Council, through the General Directorate of trade and entrepreneurship, puts at disposal of enterprising locals..



Final Project Bachelor´s Degree,

UPV. Year 2015.

Category: Product Design

Selected. Year 2017.


News. Year 2017.


12 de enero de 2018. Emisión en diferido de la Jornada "El diseño español en el siglo XXI: retos y estrategias". En el Congreso de los Diputados de Madrid.

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