This section includes information pertaining to the general conditions of access and use of the website, which must be made known to the user, for the purposes stated under Spanish Law 34/2002, of July 11th, relating to the Law of Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce.


1. Details of the owner of the website


Owner: Piotrek Pérez Designer.


phone: +34 644 751 613


2. Conditions of access to


Access to this website is the exclusive responsibility of the user and implies that he or she acknowledges and accepts the legal disclaimer, and its associated terms and conditions of use.

Access to the services offered through the website and does not require prior subscription or registration by users.

If the user does not agree with the general conditions of navigation presented here, he or she should leave the website and neither access it, nor make use of services it offers.

The user guarantees that he or she is over 14 years of ages. In addition, he or she guarantees the truthfulness and authenticity of the information, which is communicated where appropriate, and consents to keeping this information up to date. Connections that may be made to other websites, and any use to which the user may apply them, are subject to the general conditions stated here, and the specific conditioning factors required by said websites. Any use other than that which is authorized, is expressly prohibited.


Likewise, in a merely expository and absolutely non-limited or exclusive manner, the user is obliged to not introduce, nor transmit, nor distribute the following:


– Content that is racist, xenophobic, pornographic, or which alludes to terrorism or threatens human rights.

– Criminal, degrading, slanderous or violent content, or that which generally contravenes the law, morality or proper conduct and public order.

– Information or content that threatens fundamental human rights and public liberty as recognized by the constitution, or by international agreements.

– Information or content that implies the violation of intellectual or industrial property rights (including but not limited to: patents, brands and copyrights), belonging to PIOTREK PÉREZ DESIGNER,

   or to third parties

– Unauthorized or unwanted advertising, spam, chain emails, pyramid schemes, etc.

– Data programmes (viruses and malware —malicious software—) that could be susceptible to producing damage to the access provider’s computer systems, to its suppliers, or to third party internet users. At any given moment it deems appropriate, PIOTREK PÉREZ DESIGNER. can modify the configuration of this website, the conditions of its service, and its contents, to the extent of eliminating, limiting or suspending them in a temporary or permanent manner, or impeding access to them, and to notify the user of this change wherever circumstances permit, via publication on the website.



3. Exoneration of Responsibilities


PIOTREK PÉREZ DESIGNER. cannot control the use of its website and its contents by third party users, and for this reason, it is not responsible for damages of any nature that may arise from illicit, incorrect, inappropriate or partial use and/or of failure on behalf of the user to comply with these conditions of use, and with any other condition that may be found on this website with respect to any of its services, subject in any case to the legal actions that relate to PIOTREK PÉREZ DESIGNER.


PIOTREK PÉREZ DESIGNER cannot guarantee permanent availability and continuity in terms of the running of this website, nor of the information, content, software, materials or products included within it.


As such, we assume no responsibility for any type of damages that may arise from a lack of availability or continuity in the running of the website, its services and the use to which it is applied by users.


Nevertheless, PIOTREK PÉREZ DESIGNER will make every conceivable effort to maintain the continuous availability of this website.


Likewise, PIOTREK PÉREZ DESIGNER  will not be held responsible for any possible errors or security deficiencies that may be produced through the use of a non-updated or unsafe version of a browser by the user, nor for the activation of devices that store passwords or identification codes of any user registered in the browser, or of damages, errors, or inaccuracies that may arise through its misuse or malfunction.


The user accepts that the website has been created and developed in good faith by PIOTREK PÉREZ DESIGNER . with information from internal and external sources that is offered in its existing state to users, in spite of the fact it may contain inaccuracies or errors. For this reason, the user exonerates PIOTREK PÉREZ DESIGNER  of any responsibility in relation to the reliability, practical use or any false expectations that may arise from browsing the website.


In the event that the user causes any damages to third parties, said user must assume full responsibility for his or her actions. Furthermore, the user will assume all charges, costs and associated compensation that may arise from legal procedures generated by failure to comply with what is established herein in the applicable conditions and rules



4. Intellectual and Industrial Property


All contents pertaining to the website (including but not limited to: databases, images, drawings, graphics, text, audio and video files, maps, frames, banners, software and its different font codes,) as well as the website itself as a visual presentation, are property of PIOTREK PÉREZ DESIGNER, or of its content providers, who have licensed or ceded content and are protected by national and international intellectual and industrial property regulations. The compilation (taken to mean, the recompilation, design, ordering and assembly) of all of the website contents is the exclusive property of PIOTREK PÉREZ DESIGNER.

All the software used in the use and development of the website is the property of PIOTREK PÉREZ DESIGNER or its software suppliers, and is therefore protected by national and international intellectual and industrial property regulations.


Without prior written authorization of PIOTREK PÉREZ DESIGNER use of the contents belonging to intellectual property or other property rights title holders is prohibited to users, in regard but not limited to the following actions, relating to both the website and its contents:


a) Any form of public communication, through any method, including making it available to the public, in a way that any person can access it from any place and at any given moment.


b) Any form of distribution, including but not limited to sale, rental and/or lending.


c) Any form of reproduction of the website or its contents in their entirety or in part, be it direct or indirect, temporary or permanent, through any media and any method.


d) Any form of total or partial transformation, including the creation of products and/or services derived therein.


e) Any other form of access. Including all the aforementioned and any other.


f) Any direct or indirect form of extraction and/or reuse of the totality or a substantial part of the content of any database and/or the extraction and/or the repeated or systematic use of its insubstantial parts.


In spite of the aforementioned, the user may freely view the website and its contents and download them for personal and non-commercial use, without extending them excessively to third persons and entities, whether granted for free or in return for good and valuable consideration.


Therefore, the availability and use of the databases, images, drawings, graphics, the text, audio and video files, and software belonging to PIOTREK PÉREZ DESIGNER, or to its suppliers that feature on the website, and any other content, do not imply, under any circumstance, the cession of its ownership or the concession of rights to use in favour of the user.


The frames/marks, notices, distinctive signs and logos that appear on the website are property of PIOTREK PÉREZ DESIGNER, or of its content providers, who have licensed or ceded content and officially registered or in the process of being registered. The non-authorized or wrongful use of these elements is an infraction on the industrial property rights belonging to PIOTREK PÉREZ DESIGNER. or of other third party owners.



 5. Procedure in the Event of Illegal Actions


PIOTREK PÉREZ DESIGNER. safeguards that the contents of this website are not of a pornographic, xenophobic, discriminatory, racist, slanderous character, nor promote violence. As such, it endeavours to prevent any circumstance whatsoever that could be harmful to its users.


In the case that any user or third party considers that there are facts, actions or circumstances that reveal illegal use of any content, and/or the practice of any activity on websites included or accessible via this website, and in particular that violates intellectual or industrial property rights, or other rights, they should send a notification to a PIOTREK PÉREZ DESIGNER. containing the following information:

– Personal data of the person making the claim: name, address, telephone number and email address.

– Specification of supposed illegal activity and a precise and concrete indication of the protected content, and its location on the website.

– In the case of a violation of rights: the personal details of the holder of the rights that have allegedly been infringed upon, or of the person authorized to represent the rights holder and their


– An express declaration that is clear and under the responsibility of the claimant, stating that the information provided in the notification is accurate and concerns an illegal activity that refers to

   the contents or the execution of the activities described



 6. Protection of Personal Data


The society PIOTREK PÉREZ DESIGNER. maintains a policy of confidentiality towards data provided by its users, and is committed to protecting it. Said protection extends to all that refers to the collection and use of the information facilitated via the internet. In this respect, PIOTREK PÉREZ DESIGNER.  guarantees, in accordance with the terms established by the Law 15/1999, of December 13th, of Protection of Personal Data (LOPD), that it will confidentially use the personal data of its users, and that the server in which this is stored and in which the data will be handled has been equipped with the necessary security measures to prevent access by unauthorized third parties.


To that end, PIOTREK PÉREZ DESIGNER. guarantees that it has adopted the appropriate technical and organizational security measures in its facilities, systems and files, in conformity with that which is established by Royal Decree 1720/2007, relative to approval of security measures applicable to files containing personal data and other development regulations (RLOPD). Nevertheless, PIOTREK PÉREZ DESIGNER. can communicate personal data and any other information that exists in its files through computer systems to the relevant public authorities when these are requested in conformity with legal and regulatory requirements applicable in each case.


In compliance with the stipulations outlined by the LOPD and the RLOPD, on any occasion that personal data is requested from a website user for handling, the user is informed, as a minimum, of the identity and intention of the handling and obtainment of the data, and of any corresponding rights. PIOTREK PÉREZ DESIGNER.  will apply its users’ data for the purposes for which they are required, as stipulated. PIOTREK PÉREZ DESIGNER. will provide users with the appropriate technical resources so that, prior to the concession of their personal data, he or she can access the notification regarding the privacy policy or any other relevant information, and where necessary, can give consent for the handling of his or her personal data.


The user may always exercise his or her rights to access, oppose, rectify or cancel. In order to do so, he or she should notify PIOTREK PÉREZ DESIGNER.  by sending an email



7. Use of Cookies


The website may use cookies to facilitate browsing by a user and to note his or her preferences, permitting their recognition. However, the user can configure his or her equipment to accept or refuse the cookies it receives


8. Links to Third Parties


The website includes links to other websites external to PIOTREK PÉREZ DESIGNER, which does not assume responsibility for their contents or any products or services offered, or for possible viruses and malware (malicious software) that they may contain.


9. Links to


It is strictly prohibited for the user to carry out alterations to this website that may affect its content, such as links and similar functions.


Links to this website from other websites or other media that contravene the law, morality, public order, or the good name or image of PIOTREK PÉREZ DESIGNER. or of any of its distinctive signs, are also expressly forbidden.


Links to any of the pages of this website that do not contravene the aforementioned, must comply with the following requisite:


The user must be made aware that he or she is accessing this website and furthermore, the corresponding URL to the linked page must appear in his or her browser.



10. Legislation and Jurisdiction


The general conditions stated in this legal disclaimer, and in any other text of a contractual nature pertaining to this website are regulated by the corresponding Spanish legislation.


Any controversy arising from the access and use of this website and its contents and services, or to the interpretation of, and compliance with the general conditions and/or any other texts of a contractual nature pertaining to this website, implies that both parties, with express renunciation of any other jurisdiction to which they may correspond, will be expressly subjected to the judges and tribunals of the city of Valencia (Spain).









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